Request #16-97

This is a request respectfully submitted pursuant to law for public records disclosure for the following;
1. All records, memoranda and recordings in all formats including electronic of civil penalties imposed for the removal of mature trees located at 10834 Manitou Park Blvd.  from January 1, 2014 to the date  of this request. This removal was in a critical area as mandated and further occurred within the Shoreline Management Act jurisdiction 100 ft. feet from the mean high tide line.

2. Delineate when these civil penalties were imposed, what remedial actions have been required and the exact date as to when such remedial actions must be completed.
3. Delineation of which employees, officers and representatives of the City of Bainbridge Island (hereafter referenced as "City") make determinations to impose or not impose penalties for violations of federal, state and municipal law.
4. Records of any and all correspondence to or with any and all State, Tribal and federal agencies or representatives thereof regarding the removal of these trees in a critical area within  200 ft. feet of the mean high tide line.


Please timely submit your response to the above email sender address


July 11, 2016 via email




Olaf Ribeiro






Point of Contact

Public Records Officer

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The City has released the records responsive to your request.

I am now closing your request.  Please let me know if you feel I have not provided a complete response, or if I have misinterpreted your request in any way.

Best regards,

Christine Brown
Public Records Officer/Paralegal


July 21, 2016, 4:58pm
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