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All records related to a construction project located at 11505 and 11507 Blue Heron Lane, NE, Bainbridge Island, WA.  This is to include, by way of example, but not by way of limitation, all construction permit applications, all records of review of any aspect of such application, all inspection records and notes, all records related to any complaints about said project, all photographs, diagrams, plans, summaries, all landscape plans, including tree retention, items that address tree retention, items that reflect measures to protect trees on adjacent properties, all arborist reports concerning trees potentially impacted by said construction project, all records showing Bainbridge Island's review of any submitted arborist reports, any records that either tend to establish or refute the contention that the developer of the construction project cut more significant trees than are allowed to be cut via Bainbridge Island Municipal Ord. No. 18.15.010, and any and all other records in the possession or in the constructive possession of the City of Bainbridge Island related to said project.  Records regarding any "stop work" orders are also requested.

Time is of the essence.  The developer has, we believe, violated Section 18.15.010 in several ways, and we want to see what role the City of Bainbridge Island has played in permitting and tolerating illegal behavior by the owner and its contractors.

We will review these records at a mutually agreeable time, or we may ask for copies, depending upon the size of the response.

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Richard Maloney, Counsel for Ruth and Marc Bjorklund, 11489 Blue Heron Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.


Please return a copy of this electronic request for my records.





August 24, 2016 via web




A. Richard Maloney, Counsel for Marc and Ruth Bjorklund






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Public Records Officer

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The City has released the records responsive to your request.

I am now closing your request.  Please let me know if you feel I have not provided a complete response, or if I have misinterpreted your request in any way.

Best regards,

Christine Brown
Public Records Officer/Paralegal


September 14, 2016, 1:44pm
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